St. Lucia

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It was again time to make some distance , so we departed Les Saintes headed for Martinique.  The course line took us past Dominica which we intend to see on the next loop around.
We entered Baie de Forte de France and tucked into a gunk hole called Trois Ilets.  We remained here a day under a Q-flag to rest and wait out some nasty squalls; then moved onto Le Marin.
The weather forecasters were talking about a possible hurricane off the Azores.  We looked at all the boats in Le Marin and the two small mangrove ponds and said, "We're out of here!" and into Rodney Bay.
Because Rodney Bay had proven to be a good place to hide, proven when hurricane Dean ripped by twenty miles north, and there had been no damage - we decided to stay here two months.
We took a side trip to Anse la Raye to partake in their famous
Fish Fry and Jump-Up party.