St. Vincent

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We did a n overnight jaunt to St. Vincent's Wallilabou.  This little coastal niche was made famous because the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" was filmed there.
The quaintness of this little harbor is attractive, but that is immediately nullified by the rude and extremely aggressive "Boat Boys."  The water is deep and a mooring is mandatory; of course, they fight like dogs.  Even after we chose Smiley, we were harassed daily by vendors.
You can check in with Customs here with little fuss.  The restaurant does not look like much, but the cook is first rate.  Everything we ordered was different and delicious.  Dining is very casual and the setting sun spotlights your moored boat.  Cottages can be rented too.
You can wander around the property and see all the facades and props used in the movie.  The adventuresome can climb the scaffolds for a look see.  When you take your cutlass aloft, keep in mind these structures are deteriorating from lack of maintenance. 
Now this is an interesting wha-cha-ma call it.  It weighed a ton and somebody spent a great deal of time restoring and placing it there.  Nobody seem to know what it did.  Hum?? Maybe some ice and lots of beer?
We came back from Bequia by ferry to visit Kingston.
We stopped to see the Botanical Gardens.
It turns out that Cleo, our "Puerto Rican" cat,  likes beer.  She won't drink any of the American stuff, but she likes St. Lucia's Piton beer.  We'll  have to see what she thinks of St. Vincent's Hairoun.